Eat & Drink

Custom menu for all of you needs

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Dinner & Drinks

Our staff is making the finest to keep you in the mood.


3 course dinner for two

Pork, pork and salat with a bottle of red wine.

Snacks & Wine

Red / White wine 0.75l with snacks plate for two: cheese, fruits, pork.

Kids meal

Fish & Chips or Burger & Chips, Haanja bubble soda + Gift



Contact us and let's find the best solution for your event.

Haanjamehe Farm is a perfect venue for special occasions, training sessions, parties and company events. The stylish party room and cosy tavern in our threshing barn have space for up to 50 people.

Our party shack, with its natural timber interior, is a spacious two-story building which can seat up to 150 people at long tables. With buffet-style catering it can welcome more than 300 guests.

What our guests say:

Thanks to your family for a memorable vacation. The children really liked it and my husband and I were able to take time off.


Haanjamehe Farm Guest